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"www.toutesvosmarques.com" a trouvé 1 boutique(s) correspondant à la boutique 3g_shop, qui propose la marque 55DSL.

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www.toutesvosmarques.com propose la marque 55DSL

male collection
Embrace the determination of the child who was only satisfied wearing his superhero outfit every day; seettling for less was never an option.
Revive that mentality, don't play it safe, but be safe in the knowledge that you stand apart with revolutionary and vibrant expressions of personality...
So prepare to ignite your passion for life with the 55DSL spring summer 2011 collection and burn all traces of fashion mediocrity for good!
This eclectic collection thrives on 55DSL's inspired attention to detail, honing key themes of vintage, military, sporty, collegiate, crafted and workwear, to boldly challenge current, wilting trends with urgent vivacity and provoke youthful intrigue.
Tangents of core traditional styles have been explored and a variety of new fits and stronger washes have been developed, whilst maintaining a hybrid of both subtle and excitingly innovative designs to indulge in.

female collection
Drown no longer in the flood of diluted and fabricated girliness, rebel with a playful approach to achieve a new level of pure and vibrant femininity. FIFTYFIVEDSelle unveils an effortless sexiness this season, maintaining the exciting and outgoing characteristic at the core, with a welcome focus on a bold, alluring glamour. Brimming with attitude, conficence and a renegade fashionista acclaim, this collection confirms the significantly attentive evolution of FIFTYFIVEDSelle.

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