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"www.toutesvosmarques.com" a trouvé 6 boutique(s) correspondant à la marque FLY LONDON, à la catégorie Chaussures.

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www.toutesvosmarques.com propose la marque FLY LONDON

FLY London was created in the UK in 1994 and it’s owned by Fortunato O. Frederico & Ca Lda with head office and production in Portugal.

From the very beginning that FLY London’s design philosophy has been to create original fashion products using traditional techniques in an unexpected way. The major characteristic to enhance is originality and at each new collection FLY London stamps its own ID on a great variety of styles, colours and materials, creating a unique personality.

“Ever changing, Ever developing” and “Always progressive, Never conventional” are the key statements that inspire everyone associated with the project.

Having started as a footwear brand, FLY London has also extended to other ranges, presenting every season a comprehensive collection of Footwear, Bags and Sunglasses.

All around the world, FLY London products are sold in more than 3.000 multi-brand stores and there are 6 FLY London flagship stores; 2 in Portugal, Oporto and Lisbon; 2 in England, both in London; 1 in Ireland, Dublin and the most recent, opened last September 2014, in USA, New York.

These special places allow all FLY London enthusiasts to discover and find unique products and explore them on exclusive environments that embody FLY London’s individual DNA.

FLY London is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.

Don’t Walk, FLY!

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