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"www.toutesvosmarques.com" a trouvé 1 boutique(s) correspondant à la boutique aohna_chaussures_femme, qui propose la marque FRUIT.

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www.toutesvosmarques.com propose la marque FRUIT

The company Tombolini is created in 1979 with the initiative of the brothers: Vincenzo, Silvano and Umberto Tombolini.

In 1997, for personal reasons, the partner Tombolini Umberto resigns from the company.

The founding partners come from the shoe sector with an experienced background in the sector.

Vincenzo Tombolini is responsible for the creative side of the shoe and the administration of the company. Silvano Tombolini is directly involved in the production side of the company. In 1985, Tombolini S.n.c. became S.r.l. and the company group was in fact supplemented with the figure of Stefano Pantanetti. This choice is certainly strategic and winning, because the knowledge of the sector, strong personality and the determination to take decisions have allowed the company to carry out considerable improvement which has allowed the consolidation of the market, productivity and the financial structure.

To adapt the productive capacity to the new requirements, in 1998, the company equipped itself with a new industrial building of about 3000 m2 to use as offices, a showroom, warehouse and for preparation. In the second semester of 2007, Tombolini became Fru.it S.r.l. Today, the company has a vast clientele on national and international territory. Its customers are spread over all the Italian regions and in European and non-European countries, among which France, Belgium, Holland, Russia, USA, Japan and Turkey.

The qualitative standard achieved by the organisation received the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 2002.

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