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"www.toutesvosmarques.com" a trouvé 1 boutique(s) correspondant à la marque KANGOL, à la catégorie Chaussures.

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Kangol® A/W 12’ collection heralds the return of the Furgora, which has been updated to the sleek Shavora. It’s also the launch of the Cold Weather collection. The gloves & scarves have unique designs & texture combinations. The collection sits alongside the hats but can be mixed & matched with many different hats within the range.

The men’s Shavora collection introduces a new 507with fully-fashioned wool earlaps. The classical Casual has a contrast button to match the logo. The women’s brim styles feature sophisticated leatherette trim with brass buckle. The Neneh, a shape from the archives, has a close fitting crown & a back flipped brim.

The Luxe collection continues to be made in England and USA. Kangol innovates using traditional techniques to create new finishes. The Division group has a sprayed brim that spreads onto the base of the crown engineering a blurred edge. The illusion of the band is a cut line around the crown with a triangle tipped crosspiece. The ultra feminine Plume hats feature a lustrous finish & a single gold-sprayed decorative feather on the Siren & Deco Cloche.
The collaboration with Aerial7 remains in the collection with new waffle knit fabric on the earlaps & decorative flatlock stitch on the crown to mimic seam panels, included in this group is a knitted Toque with an integral knitted pouch to hold the Sound Disks.

The revolutionary P2iprocess creates an ultra thin polymer layer that changes surface properties of the hat & causes liquids to form beads that simply roll off. It does this without changing how the hat looks or feels & protects it from the affects of water & all other liquids. P2i coating has been added to iconic Kangol cap shapes plus new jacquard & textured knit fabrics.

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