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120% LINO

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120% LINO

The ”garment dyed” linen is the primary material used for our creations and the peculiarity of this specific treatment, which consists in dying the articles after manufacture, gives us the possibility to make an attentive selection and choose an extremely wide range of colours.

The raw linen, selected from the best available sources In the market and obtained from precious yarns, is then printed, embroidered and treated to offer our clients unique outfits, always in tune with the most actual fashion trends.

For wintertime we suggest refined mixtures of linen together with cashmere, silk and wool. Lines embellished with cuts and reverse games are joined with a wide offer of extremely soft and particularly finished knitted items.

120% lino offers an understated style, the perfect fit for people who love sobriety and natural elegance either in the city or during traveling, every season of the year.

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