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Aleanto collections represents a reality based on the quality of materials, artisan experience, research and design.
His origin borns in 1972, in the alleys of the historical center of Naples, where, only at fourteen year old, Pasquale Barone begins to work in a small handicraft laboratory and, in little years and with very passion, manages to plagiarize of the work. In this way borns Aleanto collections, simply from the combining of names, Alessia and Antonella, her daughters.
Alessia and Antonella with Antonio represent the young force and innovative in the company. The attention to fashion and their tendency, the steady research of the refined product and especially exclusive, the hand-crafted care and the exclusive design, are the prerogatives of the Aleanto's collections. Product well-thought to exigent women, very glamour and lover of the high hand-crafted quality, able to attach importance to sought fashion's details.

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