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At Allsize Company we all know that our customer - the overweight man - has the same needs and expectations from his clothes as all other men. Therefore, we have decided NOT to consider the size of a customer as a limitation. On the contrary, we shall work even harder in order that our customers can compose their clothes, as they like. With this in view, we have formulated a mission, which shall govern all our future activities. This brandbook has been created as a tool in order that you and your shop can assist us in fulfilling this mission.
The great man shall have the same possibilities of dressing in an exquisite way, as if he had been of ordinary size.

Family, career and friends are three important centres of rotation for a the man who buys Greyes. He hates mediocrity and loves to be surrounded by quality and aesthetics. His clothes are pleasant and of good quality. The style is classic and casual, but preferably with a detail, which shows that he is not afraid of showing some edge. "Less is more" and the classic style are two key concepts.

The town is the whole life of the Replika-man. he disgusts conventions and petit bourgeois attitudes and does not believe in authorities, but mostly in himself. Life is too short for mainstream clothes and dictating trends. The Replika-man expresses attitudes and paints a self-portrait by way of his clothes. There is room for experiments and for flippancy

Sports and nature are important parts of the Aero-man's life. He does not feel well inside the house and thus he regards nature as a large playground. He looks at sports, goes in for sports and thinks of sports. First and foremost, clothes shall be practical, pleasant and simple. Technical solutions are of importance and clothes are considered a utility product.

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