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he story of Andersen & Lauth started over 100 years ago back in 1908 when Mr. Ludvig Andersen opened his tailor shop in Reykjavik. Now 103 years later Andersen & Lauth is sold worldwide in over 25 countries in many of the best worlds best boutiques.

We Love What We do...

....is the message in Andersen & Lauth’s look-books, created with a lot of passion by the icelandic duo Kolla and Gunni and you can take their word for it. The vintage inspired collections for men and women are given an almost poetic feel by the handmade pieces designed in the style and spirit of production methods of the 19th century. The pieces, many of which are handmade, take you on a romantic journey through a variety of eras and genres. A succesful mix in materials, with modern high-tech being teamed with handmade fabrics and embroideries. The labels historical reasons for looking to the past: founded over a century ago. Andersen & Lauth was originally well known for its perfectly tailored men’s suits And so it is only natural that the label turns to its own archives for inspiration. Womenswear features alluring elfin silhouettes in elaborate materials, while menswear focuses on the romantic dandy look with stylistic nods to Reykjavik's vibrant music scene.

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