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The history of Bertoni is the story of a very dedicated young man who sold his mother’s tobacco shop to follow his passion for clothes by selling menswear from a shop in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1962. His name was Palle Breckling.

Breckling’s trend-spotting skills led to the production of daring new styles. From that point on, designing, tailoring and choosing the right fabrics without compromise gradually refined the quality of the clothing, ultimately achieving the high standards Bertoni represents today.

In the 1980s, all activities were gathered under the Bertoni name, which quickly gained a good reputation. Today, Bertoni has grown into an international fashion company.

There is much more to life than fashion. But nothing beats the feel of great clothes that support your special moments as well as your daily life.

Bertoni bring trends and fine tailoring together in a clean and charismatic look, leaving room to express the man you are.

So if you are searching for an informal yet stylish look, you will find it right here in Bertoni’s surprising details, perfect fit and uncompromising quality. Simply suited for life.

You don’t wear White to become someone – it’s just who you are.

White is a subtle tale of understated tailoring that challenges your sense of cut and quality. It is tailored silhouettes and extravagant fabrics combined with simple but well-crafted details – it is up to you to add the little extras that perfect your look.

Every item tells a story of origin, genuine materials and design – for you to wear as an additional luxury. With White, you will never have to ask – it is always the real thing.

Sometimes you need a wry angle – to match your mood and to distance yourself from commitments and the mainstream.

Maybe you need it 24-7 to emphasise your laid-back way of life. Maybe it’s something you climb into at the end of the day to become the real you.

Wry offers an extension of your personality – a cool casual wear collection with character. So if your favourite jeans are more than just thread and denim, then you are probably wearing a pair of Wrys.

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