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Early in 1993 DuFFS was born – kicking and screaming – in the skateboarding capital of the world that is Southern California. For the legendary Steve Rocco it was one of his first forays into the world of skateboarding footwear, and together with Laurence La Haye and Per Willender, he set about changing the face of this growing industry. Some 15 years later and DuFFS are still at the forefront of skateboarding footwear style and innovation and boast a heritage and authenticity that few others can rival.

Originally based in Huntington Beach, CA, then later in Vista, DuFFS was strategically located in the very heart of the skateboarding industry. Other companies, it seemed, were keen to keep an eye on what DuFFS were up to because when DC was formed, they moved in right next door. Unfazed, DuFFS continued down its own path of humor and irreverance, distancing itself from the sterile corporate images being created by competitors. What else would you expect from a company whose moniker was taken directly from Homer Simpson’s favourite brand of adult beverage?

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