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In 1992 he founded Kandismann GmbH & Co. KG, and six years later, OSKA GmbH. In 2002 he became the joint owner of today’s Elemente Clemente. He is managing director and responsible for design and production.

The fashion label Elemente Clemente was created in 2002. The label operates under the name Elemente Clemente and is based in Munich, Germany. Two women’s and two men’s collections are shown and marketed internationally each year.

2002 Elemente Clemente established first collections at CPD and Pure fashion shows
2003 First participation at the prêt à porter fashion show in France.
2004 Elemente Clemente sold in twenty countries
2005 Opening of the first franchise shop in Stuttgart, Germany.
2007 First presentation of the S/S 08 collection at Platform 2 in New York.
​ Elemente Clemente U.S.A is beeing established

2009 Opening of the Elemente Clemente Stores in Vienna and Cologne
2011 In September 2011 Elemente Clemente opens the new Flagshipstore at Pariser Platz 1 in Munich Haidhausen.
A broad assortment of the Elemente Clemente collection and a great selection of suitable accessoiries are presented on 120 sqm.

Transfer of the franchise shop Elemente Clemente by Ostertag in Stuttgart to an Elemente Clemente Store.

“Elemente Clemente” is a unique name in fashion. Since its founding in 2002, it has been successfully expanding throughout Europe and the USA.

Today’s clothes designers are faced with the dilemma of being either at the vanguard of fashion or trying to keep in vogue with ever changing styles and the latest trends. We at Elemente Clemente have an alternative philosophy and the following statement is fitting:

Man is part of nature and cannot liberate himself from it. This is evident in our approach to creativity.

The fashion world is preoccupied with new design. But what is new? New is contemporary, the brand new, the innovative and the state of the art ?

Does creativity lie in connection with nature? We think so. Our New is a synthesis of a modern look, quality materials and casual elegance.

Style, comfort and quality, attention to detail, subtle shades, and distinctive good but understated taste are important to us. Our clothes are designed to accentuate self-expression. We achieve that through silhouettes that are apart from mainstream ,earthy shades and our brown and blue-black, all of which combine effortlessly.

Our collections are designed to appeal to the fashionable and environmentally conscious; clothes that create a bond with nature; clothes to wear with distinction.

Elemente Clemente: The ethical choice.

Opening of the EC Store in Essen – Ruttenscheid.

Transfer of the Elemente Clemente franchise shop in Cologne to an Elemente Clemente Store.

Opening of the Elemente Clemente Store in the Paris Marais district , 17, Rue Vieille du Temple.

2014 Opening of the Elemente Clemente Store Düsseldorf, Hohe Str. 16

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