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In fashion for over 80 years

Emreco International Ltd, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of womenswear, was founded in Glasgow in 1926. The company was launched on the principle of offering good value, contemporary styling and excellent customer service. Based on these principles the business has grown from strength to strength.

In 1954, the Emreco brand was first introduced and throughout this period into the Sixties there was a surge in the popularity of women’s knitwear. During this period the Emreco brand established itself as a major player in the UK market. The company built its success through innovative styling and the use of modern fabrics, always in search of new ideas and investing in product development. Throughout the Seventies the knitwear revolution continued, however, with the Eighties came an explosion in co-ordinated fashion. The brand had to adapt to meet the challenges of this new and pivotal decade, which it did with great success.

Emreco International Ltd has continued to lead the industry by diversifying its product range and taking these changes in the market place to the heart of its business. The Chianti brand was launched in 1998, offering a co-ordinated collection of elegant day, evening and occasion wear.

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