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FLUXÁ was founded in the early 1970s, inspired by a transgressive spirit.

ILLUSION, RESTLESSNESS, INNOVATION and CREATIVITY to create a product with own criterion.

Pedro Fluxá evolved with the woman of the 70, 80 and 90, being able to listen, investigate and to reflect in its designs the proposals and tendencies of the woman who wanted to be fashionable, creating attractive, sexy and original shoes. While being comfortable and urban.

From his beginning he has defined a sector of the fashion in the female footwear: sexy, shocking, cheerful, casual, innovative, avant-garde.

At the beginning of the 70s, Pedro Fluxá created a different style of women shoes, which was adapted and understood to the women of that era, surprising with designs so far unknown.

With the creation of the sandal of jute and denim he revolutionized the patterns established by that time causing a resounding success in Europe, mainly in Italy, the cradle of fashion, achieving and consolidating international recognition as a designer of women’s fashion shoes. A bright recognition that is not turned off and that has left in the fashion history, mythical lines totally renovated as the espadrilles, the cable boot and the cowboy boot.

Over the years Fluxá became a brand of renowned international recognition, capable of surprising season after season with its designs in sandal and boot, booty and shoe.

The assistance to the international fairs of major prestige and the appearances in fashion magazines specialized in the footwear sector has always been constant and the universe of shoes created during 4 decades… endless.

In the 1990s joined the second generation formed by his daughter Marga Fluxá, leading the Creativity and Design team and his son Pedro Fluxá, in charge of the management of the company and responsible for the implementation of the new know-how, acquired along his professional career in all internal and external processes in the footwear industry with his own emblematic and historic brand as it has been and is FX FLUXÁ. A brand in which customers have trusted due to their professionalism, finishes, optimum service and a renowned quality.

Today Fluxá continues to mark a life style with new collections reinvented each season, bringing the best of trends in a single product, innovating at the speed of fashion.

Top quality, careful selection of raw materials, design, craftsmanship and technical solutions, materialize forms and very distinctive styles 100% Made in Spain.

Design has flowed from the hand of Pedro Fluxá, managing a team of highly qualified Spanish designers. Currently his daughter Marga Fluxá, having acquired all the experience of the founder, leads the team designing and innovating with her own signature which has been recognized in the fashion world. Participating in prestigious fashion shows she consolidates FX FLUXÁ as leader and prescribers of trends in the sector.

FLUXÁ has always highlited the great importance not only of the design of their creations, but also of the artisan work, the care of the shoes handmade in Spain and the pursuit of excellence in quality.

In its facilities, Fluxá has a multidisciplinary team that is backed by over 40 years of experience. It dominates the entire production process, from: ensuring the perfection and quality of each of their designs, up to the service to the customer at sales points.

Fluxá customers are spread throughout Europe (Fluxá territory par excellence) in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Britain and Greece, as well as in USA, Colombia, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Australia…

Fluxá is among Spanish firms with greater potential and projection in the world of fashion. Over more than 40 years of history it has achieved international recognition for its creativity in the design and manufacture of woman’s footwear, which has allowed to:
•Be different with a unique style, prescribing trends in the sector
•Position the product in 44 international markets
•Manufacture more than 30,000,000 pairs of shoes with the logistic complexity that this implies, to develop a highly efficient process capable of providing quality and service

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