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Hampton Bays is a Belgian fashion brand, bringing you the Hampton Bays lifestyle. Creating the feeling of being somewhere else, away from everyday life. Leaving a smile on your face.

The location ‘The Hamptons’is the inspiration for the look and feel of the brand. Known for airy summers, relaxing afternoons, cozy dinners, The Hamptons embody exclusive, casual living on the seaside in a place that feels like home.
Hampton Bays stands for a unique mix of French chic and American preppiness: casual refined femininity with an optimistic feeling. Fashion that can effortlessly be worn day and night. A mix of comfortable luxury and personalized style.

Hampton Bays compliments the body and soul of the self-sufficient woman. The Hampton Bays woman is young at heart and always looking for ways to add a personal touch to things. She has an appreciation, not just for high quality and the right fit, but also for uniqueness and creativity.
To answer her hunger for new ideas and inspiration, Hampton Bays offers a wide range of lifestyle products, in line with the collection and the Hampton Bays atmosphere.

Be inspired and lead by the visuals & texts on this website, then you will find yourself in the Hamptons!

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