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HEBO was born with the intention to create a technical brand, specialized in equipment for motorcyclist. Its growth has been spectacular in all areas since then and its ability to adapt to new markets is outstanding. At present it is the leading Spanish off road brand worldwide for both Trial and Enduro and is strongly establishing a position dual sport.

HEBO stands out for its design and quality and its “Technology Inside” philosophy, which is applied to all products, provides full performance and maximum features.

HEBO cooperates tightly with the world of high competition, taking advantage of the extreme conditions in order to test new developed products, before they are launched to the market. Like this a maximum of reliablity, security and comfort for its customer can be assured.

HEBO offers specific collections for the practice of the different modalities road y off road : dual sport, urban, enduro, trial, motocross and quad. Furthermore an own brand for the world of scooter racing : HRS.

HEBO is fully customer orientated in all its areas, providing like this the highest possible customer service as a part of all cooperate stategies

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