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22/04/2011 veste Pourvu
www.toutesvosmarques.com propose la marque HORSE WARE


In 1985, the horse rug industry was changed forever with the establishment of Horseware® Products Ltd. by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. Tom’s determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip led to the creation of the Rambo® Original – the first fully waterproof and breathable Turnout that really worked.

By 1996 the Rambo® Turnout had become the world’s best selling Turnout rug and its design has become the industry standard, with other manufacturers having no other choice than to trail in the footsteps of Rambo® when it comes to rug production, quality and development.

Since then Horseware’s key policy of ‘Innovation not Imitation’ means that products are reviewed on an ongoing basis, with continual assessment and product improvements being undertaken with the aim of making life easier for your customers and more comfortable for their horses. Many innovations in both material and design by Horseware® have facilitated the development of the traditional Rambo® Original into the full range of Rambo® rugs that exist today. In 1997 Horseware® introduced the Rambo® Wug with its high cut neck and pioneering patented front closure system. 1998 followed with the development of the Rambo® Wug Plus with its fully integrated neck cover offering head to tail protection. The following years saw the introduction of the Rambo® Flybuster – offering fly and sun protection like never before, and the Rambo® eXeL, a rug designed to accommodate the bigger built horse, to cater for all of your customer’s needs and every variation of horse.

The incredible popularity and superiority of the Rambo® brand is without doubt and is demonstrated by the overwhelming support from the people that matter – our customers. For the last 9 consecutive years, Rambo® Turnouts have been voted ‘Britain’s favorite Turnout Rug ’ by Your Horse magazine readers in the UK, and the Rhino stable rug has complemented this achievement by being voted Britain’s favorite stable rug for the last 5 years –achievements that really speak for themselves!

In addition to all these fantastic blankets, the Rambo® range of clothing and accessories has been expanded further still, with a full range of practical clothing and accessories now available for the active, yet fashion conscious rider. Horseware® now have a Rambo® for you in this fantastic clothing range with such a variety of jackets, tops and kids clothing there is something for everyone and these stylish products are in keeping with our high standards of quality and are suitable for a multitude of occasions making Rambo® the obvious choice – For You, Your Horse, Your Lifestyle.

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