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ICHI is feminine fashion for the vibrant, sensual and sophisticated city girl.

The ICHI girl is a step ahead of ordinary fashion. She is independent and mixes and matches regardless of rules and traditions.

That is why she adores ICHI’s designer fashion; its cheerful mixing of styles, its new ways of combining fabrics, shapes and colours and its playful print universe.

The unmistakable ICHI spirit perfectly expresses who she is.

The ICHI girl soaks inspiration from everywhere but knows exactly where she wants to go in life. She expresses her attitude through her feminine, edgy way of dressing.

Her life is now. What was and what could have been: Why bother? She dresses to express the mood of the moment and her extraordinary clothes look so easy to wear.

Everyday is fashion day and she knows how to look like a million without spending one.

The vintage grace of her grandmother, Berlin’s arty underground or the elegant Café de Flore in Paris; the ICHI girl makes sense of it all and dares to combine the unthinkable. The result is her dynamic, easy-going and yet sophisticated look.

Her admiring friends wonder how she does it. Well, first of all, she dares.

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