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Jack & Jones was established in 1989

Jack &Jones is a brand owned by Bestseller

The first shop opened in Trondheim, Norway in 1990

Jack &Jones was established in 1989 and is one of Europe's leading producers of menswear. Jack &Jones is part of Bestseller, a family-owned clothing company founded in Ringkøbing, Denmark, in 1975 by Troels Holch Povlsen. Today, more than 15,000 employees design, develop, sell and market Bestseller's brands all over the world. Cool, casual, and confident are the key characteristics of the Jack Universe, an authentic environment where guys can push their lifestyle to the limits and live life to the fullest. Jack &Jones gives you the denim styles to match your laidback attitude by being the best jeans brand around.

In collaboration with the best jeans-makers in Italy, Jack &Jones creates jeans with a perfect fit in the coolest styles. This collaboration has helped make Jack &Jones play a large role in a worldwide denim culture. Jeans fanatics everywhere prefer Jack &Jones as their brand of choice.

Jeans Intelligence
Jeans Intelligence is the core Jack &Jones line and offers fantastic jeans. This line is for dedicated jeans fanatics - straightforward guys who live life to the full; uncomplicated guys who focus on the coolest sports, the hottest holiday destinations and the greatest bands. Someone who just knows what's going on around him!

Jeans Intelligence is made for active lives. For the unpolished type who wants to look great but who also has other things on his mind. Jeans Intelligence simply has the coolest jeans wear! Great jeans with a perfect fit in the trendiest styles, and of course masculine tees, shirts and knits in funky designs and carefully selected colours and fabrics.

A Jeans Intelligence guy combines his clothes in a style inspired by rock music, history and the impulses of the big city lifestyle.

Premium Vintage
Premium Vintage from Jack &Jones is for the casual jeans type. He is a sporty, free styling guy, who enjoys lots of adventurous, physical activities. Outdoor life is very important to the Premium Vintage man, especially when he can simply enjoy life. He may choose a suit for work or other occasions, but whenever he can he goes for a cool and comfortable look.

The Premium Vintage comprises casual, comfortable and super cool designs. The styles include trousers, tees, shirts or sweats made of soft fabrics in toned-down colours and with great details.

Premium Vintage reflects the ultimate sense of freedom to do whatever, whenever.

Premium is for the confident, ambitious Jack &Jones customer. His taste in clothes is sophisticated, but he likes to combine jeans with a classic shirt and to underline his appearance with a funky pair of shoes. The Premium guy prefers urban life with cool bars, restaurants, trendy cafés. He finds inspiration everywhere - in film, architecture and design, art and culture.

The Premium collection is designed for a contemporary, on the beat kind of guy. The designs are classic and stylish, made of deluxe fabrics in a carefully composed colour scheme.

Premium Tech
Premium Tech is the Jack &Jones sports line. It offers a clean and sporty look for the mature customer who leads an active outdoor life. The clothes are multi-functional and can be used for everyday situations in different weather conditions as well as for active sports such as golf, running, skiing, hiking, fishing etc. Premium Tech is not limited to one activity but can be used for a hiking trip or simply with jeans on rainy day.

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