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The Jackpot universe is characterized by an informal attitude based on a natural approach to making clothes and a strong passion for our product. We believe in creating an honest lasting product that offers an alternative to the fast-fashion market. Jackpot’s talented closely-knit team takes ownership of our work and adds a unique character to the product. In our aim to inspire women to express their personalities, Jackpot never loses sight of our customer and her exceptional spirit.
With vibrant colours, hand-painted artwork in prints and delicate shapes, Jackpot’s feminine signature is always in focus. A clean palette gives a refined simplicity, but always with attention to detail. A modern bohemian feel, excellent fit and high quality, add up to Jackpot collections that reflect a sophisticated modernity. The Jackpot wardrobe is unforced, easy and effortlessly stylish.
Social and environmental awareness is key in the Jackpot universe. We actively select partners who protect natural resources and ensure ethical working conditions for every link in the production chain. Honouring our mission to promote sustainable fashion, we use materials such as organic cotton and linen, recycled polyester and wool, alpaca, and Tencel by Lenzing. Likewise, we pride ourselves on making a difference for those less fortunate by giving back and supporting charitable initiatives.
An effortless approach to fashion and life is what defines the Jackpot woman. Her modern and vibrant look draws on bohemian vibes in a fashionable and easy context. She’s street-smart and casually cool, and takes style inspiration from her life in the city and her travels around the world. She’s in charge of her own style and puts outfits together with confidence and ease. Her free-spirited personality is expressed in her love of colour, prints and surprising elements. Creative in whatever she wears, she is her own woman.

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