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The Jacques Britt Internationale Moden GmbH was founded by Gerd Seidensticker in 1969. The aim was at that time and still is today to create first class shirts for the man with expectations. With this same ambition we are offering you blouses and accessories today, too. The name reflects the international flair of the brand: The French "Jacques" and the English "Britt", creating a name which is truly established for the professional retail sector worldwide .

With its affiliation with the Seidensticker Group of Companies, Europe's largest shirt producers, Jacques Britt has benefitted from over 90 years of shirt tradition. This expertise is also being used in the form of licences for globally operating brands.

For its 40-year anniversary Jacques Britt celebrated something really special: A new brand identity. The zebra represents a story of freedom and origin, from fashion and elegance, from individuality and a touch of arrogance. This mixture distinguishes Jacques Britt from the "normal". Jacques Britt is now a brand for all of those, who appreciate being "special" meaning different to the average.

Jacques Britt stands for shirts, blouses and accessories. A lot of brands make this claim but only a few can actually verify this. Selected materials, first-class craftsmanship and as well as this a well-balanced price/performance behaviour convincing our customers time and time again that Jacques Britt is a true expert. And all of this accompanied by our wide-ranging product variety.

We do everything to offer you the very best of wearing comfort. With our consistent conspiring for further development and innovation, our products will always be that little bit better than other brands. We pay a lot of attention to our customers and know what is really important for them. Only when the wearer says “that is my favourite shirt” do we know that we have achieved our target.

Exquisite craftsmanship, innovative fabric selection and quality without any compromise all speak for themselves. Jacques Britt shirts, blouses and accessories are only for people with the highest expectations.

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