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The Dutch fashion brand Josephine & Co is established by its two designers in 1994.

By both being driven to please women with suitable clothes according to their thoughts and expectations, Josephine & Co was born. It owns a philosophy that holds on to create a fine balance between classic and luxury, up against exclusivity and the portability of every product.

Their inspiration for each collection is brought by the concept of country lifestyle. The brand owns 4 collections a year and items are known for its fine quality, elegant look and recognizable details.
The design and image of Josephine & Co is driven by passion and years of experience in fashion. These characteristics show themselves by the use of fine Italian fabrics, perfect shapes and chic but solid detailing in every item.

The feminine flair that is appending in every collection of Josephine & Co is clearly noticeable by the use of pastel-coloured fabrics with decent details during summer and knitted garments with dark shades in fine quality during winter collections.

What started in the 90's, now grew into a successful fashion brand that has a solid market position for many years. Josephine's sales points in Holland are stable, but internationally they are increasing steadily. Currently, the brand is reaching 800 sales points in Europe and is represented in 14 countries.

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