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Japanese name, danish brand and European production since 1972.

Sport shoes in the 70's, disco shoes in the 80's, working shoes in the 90's. Today a trendy retroshoe.

This the sotry of the dull communist shoe, which was invented by a Danish company and later marketed to become the best selling single shoe ever in Danemark. By staying loyal to the core values of the shoe both when it comes to production and design, we have been able to carry the shoes over as a true retro product. Production is in fact done on the same premises and with exactly the same machinery, as when it all started 35 years ago.

The use of all natural products with production only in Europe are feats liked by trade as well as of costumers. staying loyal to design does not mean that design has not changed. From being producted in black and white only, Kawasaki is now available in a wide range of colors and types.

The basic range can be supplied all year round in shies as well as in boots, while special fashion oriented themes are supplied month by month in a limited edition. In this way, demands from trade and consumers for stability, as well as for new products, are satisfied.

Kawasaki has provved to be a extremenly strong selling product in the competetive Scandinavian fashion style market and is now entering the European market as well.

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