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Joe Komodo was an 80’s teenage backpacker who returned to London more lost than found. Joe began his business in Camden Market selling souvenirs of his Asian travels and in 1988 moved into producing his own fashion line, Komodo. The Komodo label soon evolved into an international fashion brand pioneering the development of ecologically produced and fairly traded clothing in a mainstream fashion market.

Komodo has been working with the very same family run factories in Nepal India, and Bali, which he stumbled upon during his teenage travels in the early 1980’s. Working closely with the factories, Komodo has been a key influence in the SA8000 certification of the factory that they produce in, in Kathmandu, the only factory in Nepal with the European industry certification.

Joe say’s, ‘Komodo was always about going back to the places I had loved so much as an early back- packer, and about working with small factories and local craftsmen to make an east-west collaboration that was good for both sides.’

Komodo as a person and brand support several organizations and charities, most notably is their involvement with Free Tibet. Having collaborated with them on a number of projects including the 'Free Tibet' sneaker. In 2009, Komodo launched ‘Joe Komodo’s Famous Last Words’, a unique and refreshing collection of contemporary poetry, with the profits from the sale of the book being donated to Free Tibet . The book received a warm welcome with keen supporters ranging from Howard Mark a.k.a ‘Mr Nice’, Toby Wheeler, founder of the Lonely Planet guides, to acclaimed war correspondent Raghi Omaar and dedicated Tibet supporter, Joanna Lumley.
Naturally Komodo...
Why Organic ?

We believe its a privilege of our civilisation for eveyone to dress up with Style - but its also the responsibility of the Fashion Design team to make the style sustainable.

Eversince I saw how manufacturing garments can and does pollute the environment I felt it was only common sense and common decency to make our clothes with respect for mother nature and for the good people who actually do the hard job of patching all these cool garments together.

However our raison d'etre is Style and so Komodo has always been fashion first, and then the organic, hempy, hand made benefits are the bonus ball! I see many new 'Eco Labels ' where they seem to be saying "buy our stuff, its organic" - but i've seen over 20 years that people will just not buy clothes without style... (even in Glastonbury!)

It is good to finally see the emergence of Eco and Fair Trade clothing in so many brands and stores. Clealry the public support the choices this allows them the real relief this gives our over stressed environment. Soon I hope organic clothing will catch up with organic food - it is our hope for the future...

Komodo is proud to soon be celebrating 20 years in business, still in one piece, still independent and still working with many of the same family run factories in Bali and Kathmandu that we started out with at the end of the 80's and early 90's. It is the style of these long term partnerships and joint commitments to grow a brand and to find better ways to make more eco friendly products in a stable and creative team that to me means 'sustainability' and 'fair business'.

We dont have a stack of certificates and awards, you cant find our stuff in Selfridges or Harrods... we just do what we do and we hope that you like it !

Joe Komodo says... Soups Up !

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