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Dutch shoe designer, Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini met in Erica’s hometown of Florence, Italy, the city of the birth of the Renaissance, during their studies at Polimoda school. Louis found his passion for handcrafted shoemaking, working side by side with Italian masters, while Erica, who was working for Vogue Japan as a research stylist found her calling for fashion. Combining their talents and passions they have created a line that caters to fashion conscience men around the world.

Louis Leeman shoes are designed for men who want to preserve a timeless elegance, but with a zesty attitude.

This is why every style is developed with a meticulous attention for every detail. Metal accessories, special embroideries, futuristic prints, top-quality fabric are the key elements for which the brand stands out.

Italian traditional craftsmanship is embodied in every pair. Classic shapes are reinterpreted working hand by hand with tuscan artisans.

Still young, as it was born in 2012, Louis Leeman counts stockists all around the world.

Creative directors, Erica pelosini and Louis Leeman have also had the possibility to collaborate with high fashion brands such as Roberto Cavalli and since 2013 are now working with ‘Maestro’ Cesare Casadei to develop his men’s collections.

The year 2013 was sensational for the creative duo as Footwear News honoured them with the prestigious Vivian Enfantino Emerging Talent Award. In July 2014 Erica Pelosini and Louis Leeman got married in Capri with an amazing three days celebration.

The Brand will reach a milestone in june 2015 with the opening of its first flagship store, on 793 Madison Avenue, in New York.

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