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Heritage, beauty and design

In a world of restless change there are certain things that endure. Things like style, beauty and heritage are everlasting and constant. The wish for authenticity and genuineness is more evident than before.

In Italy, the country of la Bella Figura, style is a way of life. In the art and the architecture of Italian masters, signs of beauty and grand design are always present.

The Italian handmade and high-quality leather goods from Luciano Padovan epitomize the Italian stylishness and zest for life. And this is only the exterior. Underneath it all is a long and proud history of creating fine and sustainable leather goods to be found. Skills and old world traditions have been handed down by craftsmen from one generation to the next.

The history is today a genuine part of Luciano Padovan and combined with refined modern day technology the result is impeccable and truly Italian.

The designer Luciano Padovan

As an accomplished artist, the Italian born designer Luciano Padovan has since 1997 provided the world of fashion with handmade and luxurious shoes and leather goods.

A past in several fashion houses gave Luciano Padovan great opportunities to hone his craft as creative director. Today it is the company that proudly bears his name that benefits from Luciano Padovan´s excellent savoir-faire and unique eye for detail and style. The avid shoebuilder and craftsman is present along the entire process of the shoe manufacturing - from the first drawings and research to the final presentation of the collection. The strong colours and the shoe soles in the colour of fuchsia are his characteristic trademark.

Art and design are sources of inspiration to Luciano Padovan and they are significant motivators for his creative mind. Luciano Padovan is one of the leading shoe designers in Italy with customers and clients all over the world.

The signature of Style

The footwear and the leather goods made by Luciano Padovan are the choice of many renowned actresses, Tv-personalities, socialites and catwalk models.

But they also appeal to the contemporary woman. Because of the tasteful cutting edge design, a pair of shoes from Luciano Padovan adds glamour and luxury - and actually also comfort - to everyday life as well as to red carpet events in Hollywood.

The brand of Luciano Padovan is represented in upmarket boutiques and department stores in numerous countries, along with flagshipstores on fashionable locations in Paris and Milan.

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