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70 years of history
The importance of going far is remembering where you came from

In 2011, Mayoral celebrated 70 years of “making friends”. Throughout its history, you can discover hundreds of anecdotes, key moments, decisions that have set a course, and much more. The most interesting aspect is in its origin: what began as a modest company dedicated to the production and commercialization of socks and shoes (“Dominguez Toledo” in 1941), has now become a large group with international recognition, representing Spain’s style of fashion around the world.

Years later, Mayoral Moda Infantil was created and is now the parent company. Today, Mayoral is an important producer of fashion that has the capability to offer customers all types of items, coordinated and ready for the final consumer (the child).

The company has been operated by the same family since its origin, to ensure that the principles that guide the progress of the company are focused on ethics and social responsibility. Our slogan, “making friends” has been, and still is, a fundamental part of Mayoral’s philosophy, paving the way for a company that bases its success on quality and fashion at its best.

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