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"www.toutesvosmarques.com" a trouvé 1 boutique(s) correspondant à la marque DOLCI CALZE, à la catégorie Chaussures.

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www.toutesvosmarques.com propose la marque DOLCI CALZE

Since 1939 Dolci Calze is one of the most prestigious brands in the production of legwear for woman. Dolci Calze stands out in the market for quality, service, exclusive yarns and innovation of its designs and colours that make its products unique.
Dolci Calze products are used by the most important fashion and costume designers of the International scene.
The style and materials, completely Made in Italy, are the cornerstones upon the basis of every Collection. Dolci Calze is widely accessible and partners with all its customers on an individual basis.

It has reached a position of prestige recognized by well-known brands in the industry as well as by a strong sales network.

The premises in Caronno P.lla, in the province of Varese, are located in an industrial area specializing in textiles and underwear, which facilitates a professional skill that is one of the strengths of the Company.

Our product, which is distinguished by the quality and exclusivity of the yarns and the originality of the designs and colours, is positioned in an upper-middle segment of the market.

As part of the ongoing commitment oriented to customer satisfaction, the company offers its know-how and expertise for the development of a strong partnership with customers by providing comprehensive assistance to those who need a tailor-made service.

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